You Can Reduce The Tax You Pay By 30 to 70%

Recover Taxes from Past Years
Plus make a an impact on people and cause you love!

Let us show you how to help charities in 2023 with needed goods and services.  Contact us today to start the conversation!

Help Foundations, Non-profits, and Charities With Unique and Proven Strategies

Our turn-key strategies and structures has been used for decades by businesses and corporations, and are now we available for individuals!  

Legal and Approved by Governments to reduce tax up to 70% Profitably.
Let show you how to help charities this year with needed goods and services.

Contact us today to start the conversation!

It's not what you earn

It's what you keep

North Americans give billions to charity each year.

Donations of goods provide much-needed budgets items for charities, and are eligible for profitable tax deductions. 

Action must be taken in the calendar year.

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Unique Strategy with Proven Results

Wayne Howard COO MBA Havard

"Tax Reduction Specialists was able to help me make my mortgage 100% tax deductible, and recovered $162,357.00 in taxes paid back 3 years prior."

Sam  Mitchell 
NBA Coach

"I've known Dave Turner for over 10 years. In that time he has saved me substantial taxes. I highly recommend his services."

Tim   Cestnick    FCA   CPA  TEP,  Author &  Business Columnist

"Never pay tax again! If anyone knows how to do it, Tax Reduction Specialists do!"

Let us help you discover

Tax Savings Benefits

Tax Reduction Specialists was founded in 1991 to help our clients reduce taxes by utilizing tax-assisted and tax-sheltered investments.

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